How to Manage Money to Create Wealth


Do you have some money set aside for savings regularly? These debts pose immediate problems and are also a significant barrier to being able to start saving for the future. However, access to education and information on managing personal finances leads to a deliberate attitude to save money. Many people do not know where to start when it comes to saving money for future use.

How to develop a saving culture

How much do you save? I hope you put money aside. If you do not, you should be able to develop a saving culture after this lesson. How do you become a money saver? I will first tell you how you cannot be one. It is not by using discipline or willpower. That is, how you become a money-saving attitude. The following principles will help you pick up a new lifestyle as a child of God.

Set a goal: What do you want; do you want to have your place; do you want to be financially independent; do you want to get out of debt

Set a deadline: Write both on a piece of paper. Put it somewhere you can look at it multiple times a day on you besides the drawer, for example. Look at your goal and deadline when you wake up and before you sleep. It will remind you of the reason why you are saving money.

Track expenses: You probably have an idea of how much you spend, but unless you keep track of every cash. That idea is inaccurate at best. Here it is a simple way to track your expenses. You probably carry a phone wherever you go. Not everything you spend in your personal finance tool.

Analyse costs: Check where your money goes. Reduce and remove costs. The more, the better.

Make a budget: Calculate how much money you need for food, rent, bills, clothes, leisure, etc.

Pay yourself first: Make the first bill you pay each month the one to your savings account. Just like all your other bills, there is no way around it. You must pay it month by month unless you are in debt.

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Earn more save more: Try to save a fixed percentage of your income. This way your income goes up, and so will your savings 20% is a good start. If you cannot, then you are living beyond your means. It is time to wake up.

Think saving: If you have some money left at the end of the month, save it. You do not need to spend everything earned. It is okay to buy things. Remember you are a steward of God’s resources: Remind yourself every day that you shall give an account of your stewardship to the Lord one day; this includes the way you have managed the financial resources at your disposal.

Benefits of saving money

There are many benefits of saving money. You should be able to highlight several of the reasons but for this article, we shall discuss some of them. You will not have to pay tens of thousands as interest when you borrow money.

  • Some emergency that pops up would not bother you.
  • You sleep better at night not worrying about losing your job.
  • The Bible still encourages us to save (Mathew 25: 26)

It takes time, but once you get it, it is n eye-opener. Your life will be simpler and you will avoid many financial headaches. Trying to keep pace with others is a never-ending game, one you cannot win. Wake up! Your environment influences your personality, and thus your habits. If you want to build the habit of saving money, surround yourself with people who save money.

Bead making

Bead jewelry is a creative and entertaining hobby. It does not only afford you the opportunity of producing unique, handmade items of jewelry but is also a great business and handy gift for family and friends.

The number one advantage of creating your jewelry or ornaments is the fact that they can be 100% original. There are different bead-making and knotting. For emphasis, the stringing technique will be used. To make dangling bead earnings, you will need the following:

  • 20cm gauge no.5 cable wire
  • 16 pcs spacers from O-ring chain
  • 2pcs fish hooks
  • 4pics blue glass
  • 4pcs yellow citrine
  • 4pcs pearl stone
  • 10 inches chains
  • 8pics coral beads
  • 8pcs of class A rainbow crystals
  • 2pcs teardrops or elongated bead
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Spacers are any of the minute accessories used in between beads to provide aesthetic spaces between them. To get the above materials will cost less than N10,000 naira and they can be bought in almost all the major markets across the country.


Step 1: Using a pair of 2-in-1 pliers, cut two 10-cm lengths of gauge no 5 cable wire. Set aside one of the cut wires. Always remember that in bead making the most stunning stone should always be placed at the middle of the loop.

Step 2: To create dangles for the earnings, cut two sets of 2-inch long and 3-inch long chains. Set aside one set. Insert one end of a 2-inch chain onto one end of the looped wire, and then insert the other end of the chain into the other wire end.

Step 3: Then, insert a teardrop bead or rainbow crystal onto both sides.

Step 5: Then, insert the right end of the cable wire back into the stopper to create a small loop. Crimp the stopper using the long-nose pliers. Cut the excess cable wire, then attach the hook to the looped wire. Follow the same procedure to create the second earning that will complete a pair.


You have to keep in mind that there are two ways of living your life without financial stress, earn more income, or cut your expenses. Therefore, besides increasing your sources of income you also cut down your expenses. You have to look at the areas where you can reduce your spending to achieve financial stability, and this is also a source of alternate income. Diversification of income not only brings stability to your finances but it also gives you a sense of personal satisfaction.

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