How to Protect Your Digital Wallet from Fraud


I can’t imagine how painful it will be to learn one’s account has been tampered with, the result might not be too pleasant in some cases.

Gone are the days when these frauds will be perpetuated with ease, tell them, no more, never allow some unscrupulous elements decide to decide how you are to run your show, they shouldn’t beat you to the game.

You can outwit them at all times if the necessary precautions are strictly adhered to. Don’t wait to be spoon-fed, get up and safeguard your assets, there are simple ways to do this without breaking the bank and you will have the last laugh.

Have you been scammed before? Or do you get your digital wallets tampered with and your monies are withdrawn? You can now observe these simple steps and say never again

Tough Passwords

One thing you need to know is this, am not only talking to digital account holders alone but with others holding other forms of accounts, once your login details look too simple to either hack or picked, then, you just played into the hands of these scoundrels.

Employ tough passwords that will be too tough to know, use some characters that will be too hard to concoct, you will be giving them a serious headache to hack your account.

You can make use of smaller letters, upper casings, figures, and other features noticeable on your keyboard.

Experts came up with a damning verdict in a recent survey conducted to ascertain why the fraud continued unabated.

Results showed a good number of victims never played much emphasis on their passwords and other login details, the scammers then capitalized on that loophole to rob them dry.

Safe Sites

Another area worthy of note in protecting your digital wallets from being touched is by observing keenly the rate at which you expose such wallets at various sites.

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You need to authenticate the genuineness of a particular website before using your handles, take time to verify if such site is not one of those that are only out to steal details.

Gone are those days when sites are not easily verifiable, you can now do that with ease, just go online and do a detailed search, you will get what you want with ease

Periodic Review

There is nothing wrong if you decide to always edit or change your login details; at least you are only doing it for the safety of your digital wallets.

A friend told me how some fraudsters tend to decode a password after monitoring for some time, they do this by following the users for a certain period and bam, they strike, but such periodic review would beat them to the game.

Don’t feel it’s one tough task, it’s for your good, try it out occasionally and be happy you did.


Are you in the habihabitjust opening or logging into your digital wallets at just any system? Then, you‘ve got to put a stop forthwith, if you truly cherish what you have left in your wallet.

You might be thinking the laptop belongs to a trusted friend or a family member, how sure are you that that fellow isn’t giving such systems to others you aren’t familiar with?

You can see that trouble will be brewing if your wallet is exposed to total strangers. God help you if such fellows are top class hackers


How much trust do you have in that fellow you gave your login details? There is nothing wrong with trusting people but you need to watch it, you can be scammed by even close family members, yes, it is happening.

I am sure you only know your mind and intentions, how well did you know that of others? I see no sense in opening your digital wallets in front of a friend; such has to be done carefully.

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Likewise, I wouldn’t subscribe to your friends doing the same thing in your presence, those details should be sacrosanct only to the owner of such wallet.

I have seen cases where account holders openly call out login details to friends; this is not too healthy if you ask me


There are updates you need to always look out for, these things will help refresh your knowledge as to how to handle and protect such vital things as digital wallets.

I have a series of occasions come across an update that teaches account holders new ways to secure vital accounts.

You will be inundated with modern skills and techniques that would be useful in protecting wallets that looked bare to tamper with. Like I always say, a little research on your part will be helpful, just go online and search


Another area I felt your digital wallet could be easily protected from fraudsters is by staying in contact touch with either the owner or customer care section of the website.

This can easily be achieved by simply sending a Direct Message (DM) on their social media handles, but I would have preferred sending a detailed E-mail address, my favorite.

Doing this will give confidence your account it’s in good shape, they should be able to tell if any discrepancy whatsoever ever occurred relating to your wallet.


I was made to understand that there is software that the owner of the site now installs to block other fraudulent software from accessing peoples’ accounts.

You can enquire the various contact me channels provided, am very sure you will be briefed as to how it works.

It’s your right to know, you shouldn’t pay to get protected, the website is already charging its dues when due

Unfamiliar Terrain

Lastly, you need to watch it, don’t just click on just any link you come across, some might be out to defraud you, fraudsters use this means to gain access to unsuspecting peoples’ wallets, you shouldn’t fall prey if you are the listening type.

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Every link you must click should have emanated from a trusted site, not just any. This is no hearsay, a friend lost everything in his wallet after clicking on a link that appears genuine, which it wasn’t.

The next thing we saw was messages that some withdrawals have been made on his account. Don’t fall victim please, be wise



























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