How to Write Complaints about Unwanted Products


A complaint is an expression of grievances or protest about something unfair, unacceptable, or not up to the standard especially during buying and selling. It can be either in oral or written form. It is seen as the formal notification of the customer to the manufacturer or supplier stating the dissatisfactions experienced in using stating the organization’s product. This may be as a result of the product not performing up to the required expectation the management of the organization must promptly attend to all complaints lodged by customers as these may lead to the loss of such customers and others connected to them.

Steps were taken in lodging complaints

The following are the procedures to be followed while complaining about the customer.

Introduction: Introduce yourself such as your name, address, phone number, and your position with a vivid description of what happened.

Identification of the core issue: This is the first stage where the facts will be separated from the fillings. The customer focuses on the real event that occurred not his/her emotional feelings.

Determination of proper complaint procedures: This is the stage where relevant persons will be contacted which could be the supervisor, landlord, or principal officer to how to go about the complaint.

Filling of verbal complaint: Here, the affected customer communicates verbally with the supplier or manufacturer. He/she must prepare before making the complaint verbally as the facts of the matter are expected to be communicated. The recipient must be able to tell the complainant how to go about getting the problem resolved.

Filling out a complaint form: A standard complaint form may be required especially in schools, large corporations, and government establishments. This form must be signed, dated, and kept in a formal letter and written and addressed to the appropriate person in the supplier’s or manufacturer’s organization. The customer must ensure that the real event is described.

Following up on the complaint filing: The customer will keep on communicating with the supplier to know the progress of the complaint lodges especially when delayed and ask for the reasons for such delay.

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Resolution: Write out the expected solution you want as the resolution, e. g. if it is against a faulty product, you will want a replacement, refund, or apology based on the type of complaint within the time frame.

Sample of a letter of complaint

Sample 1

                                                                                  Goke Treated Dried Fish,


                                                                                  Osun State.

                                                                                                   3rd August, 3023



Tope Fisheries Limited


Ondo State

Dear Sir,


I am surprised that the scale bought from your Branch at Oke Ola Annex Shopping Complex has refused to work perfectly despite the careful steps taken on the instruction in the pamphlet.

I will be grateful if you could send a replacement and refund my postage expenses as well. Enclosed are the photocopies of my receipt and the guaranteed slip for the purchase.

Looking forward to your reply sir within two weeks of getting this information.

Thanks for your assistance.

                                                                                                                     Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                                     Abiola Odewale

                                                                                                                     Managing Director


Sample 2


2, Alagbayum Street,



26th October 2014.


The Manager,

Ree Investment Limited,

P. O. Box 671,


 Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter of Complaint

After carefully examining the dresses supplied by your company in respect of your order of 15th of August, 2014, we are surprised and disappointed at the quality of materials used. They are not in any way in compliance with the sample received from your company some of the products as so bad to the extent that we unanimously agreed and concluded that we must have made an expressive mistake in placing the order.

The products are so bad to the extent they do not suit the needs of our customers and we have no choice but to ask you to take the whole of the products supplied and replace them with the quality requested or ordered. If this is not possible, then  I am afraid you will be asked to cancel the order and refund the mobilization fees.

 We have no intention to embarrass you and if you replace the products, we are prepared to allow the stated time for delivery to run the date you confirm that you can supply the materials needed.

 Yours faithfully,

 Adewoyin Ola

(Managing Director)

Reasons for taken to ban and restrict chemicals not suitable for use

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Banned and restricted chemicals are those chemicals that are restricted from being available as a result of being hazardous to the general human being. Therefore, it is against the law of the country for anyone or a company to possess such chemicals. The government used this means as a corrective measure in protecting human health and the environment from risk from those chemicals. The following are some of the reasons why such chemicals are banned and as well restricted most especially those why such chemicals are banned and as well restricted especially those that are not suitable for use are>

  • To protect consumers from fake and adulterated items be it food or drug.
  • To improve the standard of nutrition for the populace, e. the people in the society.
  • To reduce, prevent or remove the problem of food-borne diseases and illness from the public due to contaminants like lead.
  • To provide a reliable regulatory measure or body such as NAFDAC, against any contraband, unwanted or unlawful food and drug in the country.
  • To contribute to the economic development of the country by making the importers and exporters of chemicals compulsory obey the rules and regulations of the government, especially in the payment of taxes and duties.
  • To guide against any preservative that is injurious to the health of the beans, maize, and other food items should not be the one that can lead to death or cause ill health for the people.
  • To prevent the destruction of aquatic organisms as a result of the release of chemicals into the flowing or stagnant water bodies especially by industries.
  • They can cause cancer in human beings
  • They can destroy hormones and red blood cells as well
  • They can cause defects in unborn babies during pregnancy and so on.

Procedures to follow in banning and restricting chemicals

The following are the steps to take while banning chemicals.

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Identification of the chemical: The organization or an individual that wants to manufacture, import or export these chemicals must first identify the chemicals to be dealt with.

Notification of the regulatory agencies: Agency such as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) must be officially notified by an individual and all corporate institutions warning to manufacture import or export chemicals.

Statement of the chemical properties: The regulatory agency will demand from the affected individual or organization a warning to manufacture import or export the chemical to state the chemical properties or composition of the substances to be dealt with.

Laboratory analysis:  The technical unit of the agency studies the product closely by subjecting it to rigorous laboratory analysis to find out if it belongs to the group of chemicals banned or restricted.

Banning of chemicals: It is the chemical to be manufactured, imported, or exported, that contains the properties of the substances that are already banned, the technical unit will write to the management of the agency stating the nature of the properties and reasons for banning such chemical or product.

Restriction of chemicals: these are some chemicals that are dangerous but needed to either be manufactured or imported by human beings for industrial use. These substances are usually restricted to socialists because if not handled by an expert, they may cause a lot of injury. The organization handling this type of chemical must be registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC), be a member of a registered and recognized professional body, and must have more than enough experts or specialists that can handle this category of chemical.

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