Importance of Learning Entrepreneurship in Schools


Entrepreneurial skill is a skill that teaches to solve societal problems through creating jobs or vocations. A person who solves societal problems by creating jobs or vocations is known as an entrepreneur. Also, an entrepreneur is someone who makes money by starting or running a business.

Education to me can be seen as the ability of an individual to change in attitudes, character, behaviors, etc. Education is also the process of teaching, training, and imparting knowledge and learning, especially in schools to improve knowledge and develop skills. Learning the skills of entrepreneurship is called entrepreneurial education.

Entrepreneurial education is the education or training which involves the ability to learn in a way that will enhance critical thinking and creative minds. It is education that will aim to create jobs and solve community problems. That is why entrepreneurial education must be needed to be taught in schools for the students to acquire resources to stand on their own.

Entrepreneurial education gives room for creativity and innovation.

Entrepreneurial education is important in school because it teaches essential life skills such as creativity and innovation. In Nigeria today and even in every part of the world, unemployment is increasingly pervading every nook and cranny of society. The only people who are creative or innovative to critically think of doing what has not been existing before will make it. For example, this is the time that one must apply what has been taught in schools to life. Are you a mechanical engineer? Package your learning and practice it in your workshop. Then employ mechanics to do the job for you and pay them.

Entrepreneurial education helps students to lead.

Everything these days is competitive. This course will develop the potential and genius in students to become their bosses. Everybody is endowed with one talent or the other. Learning entrepreneurial education will initiate that potential For example, many people are very skillful in tailoring, carpentry, bricklaying, automobile engineering, computer engineering, etc. By the time all these are exposed to them in schools, the students can take advantage of them and become experts in them tomorrow.

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Entrepreneurial education teaches students to solve problems.

This course will allow the students to identify societal problems and find solutions to them. The beauty of offering entrepreneurial education in schools is to create jobs and feed the nations. For example, it is no longer news that the economy of the world now is not what we can boast of, especially in African countries. This course is calling to help society by creating jobs and feeding the nations. We can be our boss too. Also, you can set up consulting firm in which you will consult for the company, calling the experts to do the job for you and your clients. By doing this, you are solving people’s problems.

Entrepreneurial education gives students knowledge of business.

Learning this course in schools will give students business knowledge because entrepreneurship itself is business. This knowledge will expose students to the business world rather than carry certificates. The course will tell that we are in the revolution of business. It will also provide individuals with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities based on their potential, self-esteem, and trade skills that can make them successful in life. For example, do your research; the best richest people in the world today are businessmen.

Entrepreneurial education helps students in financial management.

Financial management and resources are the problems of many people, organizations, and nations. The knowledge of this course will help how to manage money. It will tell you that as an entrepreneur, it is everything you can spend money on. You will look at your scale of preference and forgo alternatives. For example, you want to buy more shoes, shirts, and computers for business as your scale of preference. A good entrepreneur will forgo shoes, and shirts at that moment and buy computers for business since he/she can still manage those that he/she has.

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Entrepreneurial education boosts the economy of a nation.

If all Nigerians can be entrepreneurs, the nation would have been better. The only thing that can boost the economy of a nation is the knowledge of entrepreneurship. This is the time we have to reshape the courses and redesign the curriculum in secondary schools and incorporate entrepreneurial and vocational skills. For example, take a critical look at all the developed countries, and the entrepreneurs who sustain them.

Entrepreneurial education makes students independent.

The knowledge of entrepreneurial skills makes students independent after their school courses. To be your boss is to be independent. It will help the students to build careers and skills that will help him or her creative in achieving in life. Learning trade and vocational skills in schools will be of help to stand on your own. For example, the knowledge of tailoring in school cake you set the business up and practice it. Also, the knowledge of website design you have in school can make you set up the business and still employ people to work under you.

Entrepreneurial education reduces criminal activities.

In our society these days, criminal activities are prevalent and rampant because many people are jobless. There is an adage that says: “An idle hand is a devil’s workshop.” If this course is taught in schools, the students know and should be able to practice it and there will be a lot of job opportunities for people to do. For example, in developed countries, it is not necessary to do a monthly job; there are daily jobs one can do and collect money for daily living. Small-sized businesses are created for anyone for daily living at least.

Entrepreneurial education exposes students to technology.

It is an exaggeration that we are in the revolution of technology. These days, one cannot do without technology. Everything we do is attached to technology. Our work, at home, in the offices, in trade, and every other thing is connected with technology. Therefore, if the students in schools are exposed to the knowledge of entrepreneurial education, they will be able to use certain technology learned and create jobs. For example, learning website design and development, software and programming engineering, and repairing phones, tablets, computers, air conditioners, etc all are used in homes, companies, and businesses.

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Entrepreneurial education prepares students for an uncertain future.

Nobody can say what will happen tomorrow. That is why someone needs to be more proactive. A proactive country will not play or joke with the knowledge of entrepreneurship. The country will try to empower the youth. The country will prepare young people and children for unforeseen occurrences because they are the future and glory of the nation. This course still teaches students crucial life skills. For example, skills that will help them in the future such as how to take business risks; the difference between assets and liabilities; how to make more money; how to become wealthy should be worked upon, etc.


As said earlier, the nation that will save the future from bad occurrences and events, and will move the society forward will take care of the youths. The youths of any society must be taken care of or else, such a nation is in future danger. The knowledge of this course in school will expose the students to the need to see to the welfare of the youths and protect them and also train and provide for them to sustain the nation and the world in general. The success of a nation lies in entrepreneurial education. Check more of the resources below and learn further.

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